Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Legal Side of Innovation - Who needs Soap Operas Anyway?

Over the past few months, I have written several blog posts about a topic that I call the "Legal Side of Innovation" and I first covered in my book, Living in the Innovation Age. The "Legal Side of Innovation" is a phenomenon in which companies are increasingly using patents and other intellectual property (IP) as a way of attacking each other in highly innovative and competitive areas such as smartphones and tablets. Essentially, IP law has become a double-edged sword that on the one hand protects an innovator's hard work and yet on the other hand creates impediments in the very road to innovation that it seeks to promote.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung has become the technology world's version of steamy afternoon soap operas. As the never ending saga of twists and turns continues, Apple is now asking a court to force Google to turn over its Android source code as part of its patent litigation against Samsung. Apple, as part of its second patent-infringement lawsuit against Samsung, argues that Android is used in all of Samsung’s allegedly infringing products and “provides much of the accused functionality” in Apple’s claims. Meanwhile Matthew Warren, a lawyer for Google who also represents Samsung, claims that Apple made a “strategic decision” in filing its case “to keep Google off the complaint.” to ensure that Google doesn't have the same legal rights that Apple and Samsung have with respect to “reciprocal discovery.”

Now, isn't this a story that can match any of the love-hate triangles on today's soaps?!

The Bottom Line
By now none of us should have any doubts that the "Legal Side of Innovation" is real and here to stay. Hmmm... might be an interesting career opportunity here - a new caped crusader who is a dry, boring, attorney by day and a dynamic, cool innovator by night. :)

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