Friday, November 2, 2012

Innovation - Does Size Matter?

Does [company] size matter in innovation?

That's a question that I have been asking for a while in my blog (see my postings from September 28 and October 3). The opinions in the HBR blog postings have been all over the map, sometimes contradicting one another in a matter of days (and you thought flip flopping only happened in politics!). My opinion has always been that company size and innovation do not have a strong correlation - positive or negative. Ultimately, successful innovation is a function of organization strategy and culture alignment with the desire to innovate.

Well, finally, a blog posting in HBR that supports my position and challenges that wavering positions on size vs. innovation within the HBR blog postings. The posting titled,
Innovation Isn't Tied to Size, but to Operating Rules, by Nilofer Merchant concludes that if an organization knows what principles of innovation work, then innovation follows - regardless of size.

May I recommend my book, Living in the Innovation Age - Five Principles for Prospering in this New Era, as a starting point for which principles of innovation do work? :)

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