Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AFCEA Cloud Conference - Here's what you missed!

I attended the AFCEA Cloud Conference yesterday held at the Johns Hopkins Kossiakoff Center in Laurel MD. The sessions in the conference were organized as interactive town hall style discussions in three topic areas:
  1. Cloud Security Policy and Guidance
  2. Cloud Security Architecture and Technology
  3. Secure Cloud Operations
I targeted the policy and guidance sessions. Here are just a few of the golden nuggets that I have distilled:  
  • Information used to support the mission; now it is the mission.
  • We have the same problems as did before; the difference is we dont have the luxury of time anymore.
  • Everything is assymetric.
  • Global interconnectivity makes Private Clouds an oxymoron.
  • Build sidewalks where people walk; create cloud policy that facilitates the way users use the cloud.
  • Warfighters are inherently agile; cloud policy needs to be such as well.
  • It’s about Mission Engineering not just Systems Engineering
  • Do we need new policy or a new policy making process?


  1. I think the last bullet is the "silver bullet". I really liked the "sidewalk" analogy--I believe that's how policy should be developed as well. Policy development should be on the "back end" of a PDSA--Plan, Do, Study, Act--cycle. When you get to the "A" is where policy should come into play.

  2. Thank you Robert. The PDSA cycle is definitely one to bear in mind.