Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stevie "Wonders" about Cloud Computing

I never thought I'd meet music legend Stevie Wonder. So imagine my surprise when he came to G&B yesterday and sat in the office right next to me almost all day! I finally gathered enough courage to take the few steps to introduce myself to him.

Amazingly, within the first few minutes our conversation led to Cloud Computing. He had heard about it but did not know what it really meant. I explained it to him comparing the evolution to the rise of electic utility companies. He got it and I know because he started finishing my sentences! We talked for quite a while about other things too: religion, politics, terrorism, and my (East) Indian heritage. He even sang a line from one of his songs!

A truly amazing experience indeed... After all, how many technologists can claim that they explained Cloud Computing to Stevie Wonder!

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