Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is Web 3.0 a Convergence of Cloud and Web?

We've been having some interesting conversations on ebizQ recently. Today's topic was based on a recent article on ebizQ that pondered whether Web 3.0 was really just a convergence of the Web and the Cloud.

According to Tim Berners-Lee (paraphrased of course) Web 3.0 is an overlay of what he has been calling the "Semantic Web" on top of the existing Web 2.0. Nova Spivack defines Web 3.0 as a connective intelligence; connecting data, concepts, applications and ultimately people with the Semantic Web being a part of it but not the end all. Almost every other definition of Web 3.0 also makes some reference to a core component of "intelligence" as well.

The question about whether the convergence of Cloud and Web is Web 3.0 is interesting. After some thought, however, I believe that while Clouds will be an essential foundation to support 3.0, they are not the critical component of 3.0. Their role will be similar to others such as BI, SOA, AI, etc. but just as Web 2.0 is not Web + SOA, Web 3.0 will not be Web + Clouds. In fact, one could argue that clouds have always been around. After all, haven't we all depicted the Web as a "Cloud" at one time or another?

* Originally posted on the ebizQ Cloud Computing Forum on April 13, 2010.

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