Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is SOA focussing on the wrong layer in the Enterprise?

The question that came up on the ebizQ SOA forum today is "Are Current SOA Efforts Too Focused on Applications, Versus Data Integration Requirements?"

ebizQ's Joe McKendrick further explains his question - "An SOA Data Integration Architecture Community has just been launched. Are current SOA efforts too focused on applications, versus data integration requirements? If so, how can these two disciplines be brought together?"

A very interesting and thought provoking question indeed.

I would contend that applications are the gateway to data and a defense-in-depth mechanism/control to enforce business and security related rules to ensure the appropriate use and manipulation of data. If one accepts that premise then it implies that application integration is data integration and therefore, SOA is focussed at the proper layer (i.e. applications) in the enterprise architecture.

That does not mean direct data integration never occurs. Data Warehouses are an example of where this does happen since these are created by integrating, combining, and denormalzing data from many different sources.

* Originally posted on the ebizQ SOA Forum on March 4, 2010

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