Friday, June 5, 2009

What's Killing BI in the Enterprise?

My answer to this question is one that would apply equally to many other enterprise level initiatives such as SOA -- an obsessive focus on technology. Yes, technology is ultimately the vehicle through which the initiative such as SOA or BI is delivered and made available but it is certainly not the end goal. In fact, I would contend that BI and SOA are not end goals either! Rather, the end goal driving at the need for BI is the ability of an organization to be more responsive, proactive, and agile in an ever more competitive marketplace. Having said that, I have seen many an organization where BI and SOA initiatives are driven by technologists, who are much more focused on tools and technologies (and the related concerns of scalability, availabilty, etc.). The end goals are almost forgotten and the desired benefits never materialize. So, technology-based "tunnel vision" is what I think is the leading cause of death for BI projects in the Enterprise.

* Originally posted on ebizQ's SaaS Forum on June 5, 2009

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